Hatolna Payment methods

Online shopping more easier

Hatolna Customers have many options to pay the order

which they need to purchase from USA and any online shopping website or online stores like Amazon, eBay and Forever21 to get what you need to buy from America to your doorstep, Hatolna ship to Egypt from USA to make the online shopping from USA more easier than before, Hatolna guarantee purchasing your online order from any online store immediately after collecting your payment for your online order cost.

Hatolna Payment Methods:


Now you can buy from America your order that you need to shop abroad online from any online store, you can use your visa or your Master card through the biggest online payment gateway in the whole middle east Payfort, to make the online payment more easier and fast, so you don’t have to worry about your information security.

Online shopping more easier


Now you can use Fawry to pay your order which you need to shop online, Hatolna Egypt will send you a code to pay through it, by using Hatolna service code 788, to make Hatolna payment methods more easier and fast than we could, to let you enjoy the online shopping to Egypt experience.

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Hatolna will collect the cash to pay for your online order to help you to enjoy online shopping and to purchase from any online store, our domestic shipping courier company will send their representative to collect your online order cost and it’s usually takes 2-3 working days to be collected The fees of collecting cash depends on where you live.

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Bank Transfer:

You can transfer cash through our different bank accounts, it’s another safe way to pay for your order that you need to purchase from USA.

Online shopping free shipping to Egypt

Hatolna e-Wallet:

It’s a new payment method to help Hatolna customers to pay for their online orders which they need to purchase from USA. You can charge it using Hatolna e-Wallet packages

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Now you can buy from USA to Egypt With Hatolna and easily Pay using ValU When you are shopping from USA from any online store, even those stores that accept American payment methods only. ValU provides you ultra-fast approval process that enables you to buy anything and pay using the instalment plan that you choose.