Hatolna e-Wallet

Makes online shopping easier

Hatolna e-Wallet your gateway to shop online

Hatolna is trying to make the experience of online shopping more easier than before and help you to enjoy the experience of online shopping with Hatolna. Hatolna is helping you to shop anywhere at any time easily and smoothly without limits or borders. To make you feel free, happy and to be updated with fashion, so Hatolna made a new feature called e-wallet, it’s your gateway through the online shopping. Hatolna E-wallet is a credit for you to purchase online from USA immediately from any site like Amazon, eBay, and forever21 or any online store to make you closer to what you need, Hatolna will shop and ship from USA to Egypt to your doorstep.

shopping online in egypt
Makes online shopping easier

Purchasing your order immediately

Usually, it takes time to take the confirmation from Hatolna customer service that telling you it your cash has been collected, through the courier or any other payment method. So now Hatolna can purchase immediately after submitting your request, cause you already have credit on your own Hatolna e-wallet. So now you can shop online any time anywhere.

You will not miss any offers or flash sale websites.

According to the last point now you will not miss any offers because you will always have the priority to buy your item immediately so you will not have to wait till collecting the cash and then purchasing your order which it seems it takes the time that you probably miss the offer. So there is no need to worry Hatolna will help you to catch the offer.

usa shopping to egypt
shopping online egypt

Enjoy a successful shopping experience with us

Hatolna always trying very hard to make you satisfied to help you to enjoy a wonderful experience of the online shopping to facilitate any obstacles and solve the customs problems, Hatolna will help you to shop and ship from USA to Egypt within 15 to 20 working days.

shop online from usa to egypt

Charge your Hatolna e-wallet

When you charge your Hatolna e-Wallet your Credit will increase automatically to enjoy purchase from USA and to buy all what you need from America, you can catch all flash sales from any online shopping sites or any online store, Hatolna offers many coupon codes to facilitate your experience of the online shopping and encourage you to shop online, Hatolna always working to make you satisfy and happy.

Hatolna goal is to make the experience of the online shopping easier and facilitate any obstacles.

Hatolna Shop Without limits.

Hatolna E-Wallet terms and conditions:

You can charge Hatolna e wallet in different ways like Fawry, courier, bank transfer or visa, to make the online shopping easier and faster.

Hatolna.com accepts payments online using Visa and MasterCard in EGP to charge Hatolna e-wallet (or any other agreed currencies) for completing the process of shopping online to submit your order and purchasing it, in case you refund.

Once hatolna.com purchased the item that you wanted to order online from any website or online store it will be hard to give your money back if the seller didn’t refund the item.

In case we get the money back from the seller your cash will back in your Hatolna e wallet within 24 to 48 working hours, after getting your money back you can purchase all what you need from any website or online store.

Once the item delivered to Hatolna office and ship it from USA to Egypt it not allowed to refund your money back.