Hatolna FAQs

Hatolna guarantee that you will receive your order in exactly the same quality from the original store which means that if you got your package damaged you get a full refund instantly. But, Hatolna doesn't guarantee the quality of eBay items and items shipped from China. Also, please note that the packaging might be un-sealed due to customs clearance inspection.

This is variable as it depend on the delivery commitment time of each seller/website however if the seller/website ships from inside USA it takes an average of 5 - 8 business days and if the seller/website ships from outside USA it takes a period of 3 - 8 weeks to be delivered to Hatolna office in USA.

The orders/items is delivered with express shipping within 5 - 14 business days from the date of payment and with standard shipping within 8 - 21 business days from its arrival to Hatolna US office.

Hatolna cannot deliver items that are prohibited or require special handling due to country, importing regulations.


Musical instruments and some of its relatives

Religious books

Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or other tobacco products

Certain radio transmitters and cordless phones not approved for use in your country

Alcohol products / beverages

Gambling apparatus, lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets issued in foreign countries

Products relating to the sex industry including sex toys, clothing, equipment, pornographic material and erotic publications

Any religious products


Controlled chemicals: including substances which are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances

Narcotic drugs

Unlicensed drugs

Infectious substances

Perfumes and sprays

Loose lithium batteries


noxious, hazardous, inflammable including perfume, LI-Batteries, Firecrackers and fireworks, explosive or Offensive weapons, sharp items such as kitchen knives and swords, Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials or may become noxious, hazardous, inflammable, explosive or offensive or radioactive or may become liable to cause damage to any person or property whatsoever whether prescribed by laws or otherwise.

Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades

Ammunition and associated products

Munitions of war

Cigarette lighters of pistols or revolver shape

Yes we are a registered company under the ministry of investment from the year of 2011.

Click on 'Track my order' in the header and see your order details. You can track the state of each product you buy from the online store to your address in Egypt.

If you received a damaged/defective product, you will be issued a full refund. Product must be returned within 2 weeks maximum after your order arrival date.

Hatolna delivers a full refund to you after cancellation within 2 weeks.

Hatolna guarantees product safety and integrity as described on Hatolna website, so any misunderstanding by the client of the item description is the client's responsibility.

Yes, as long as the order didn't get processed, Hatolna will be able to cancel your order and refund you the total amount paid. Kindly contact our customer support department.

Yes, Hatolna does for specific fees and in some cases, it can take up to two days to deliver your order or any of its items, or you can pick it up if you prefer.

Yes you can, these sites are only for your reference, but you can choose a website that Hatolna doesn't have in the list, but it has to be trusted.