How Hatolna e-Wallet Works

USA shopping to Egypt

How Hatolna e-Wallet works for USA shopping to Egypt

It’s a simple steps to charge your Hatolna e-Wallet to enjoy USA shopping to Egypt

  1. Open Hatolna Credit page.
  2. Choose your “Hatolna credit Package” to start the process of charging your Hatolna e-Wallet to enjoy USA shopping to Egypt.
  3. Hatolna offers you many packages starts from 100 EGP up to 20000 EGP to facilitate USA shopping to Egypt.
  4. You can add more than one package at the same time in your Hatolna cart to start ad enjoy USA shopping to Egypt.
  5. After selecting your Hatolna package, click on process to check out to complete Hatolna process to charge your Hatolna e-Wallet.
  6. Hatolna offers many payment methods to charge Hatolna e-wallet to enjoy USA shopping to Egypt.
  7. choose a payment method to charge your Hatolna e-Wallet like:
    • Credit Card
    • Fawry
    • Bank Transfer
    • Runner
  8. After paying, send Hatolna’s customer services a receipt to confirm and approving your e-wallet credit to start the USA shopping to Egypt.
  9. After Hatolna’s customer service approving and confirming your paying you can enjoy the USA shopping to Egypt.
  10. Now you can USA shopping to Egypt from any online store anywhere anytime and there’s no need to wait the confirmation from Hatolna’s customer service, now you can purchase from any online store from USA to Egypt or any site like amazon, eBay, shein or forever21 and enjoy the experience of the online shopping and now you can start USA shopping to Egypt with Hatolna, Hatolna will shop and ship to Egypt from USA.
  11. Each time you purchase from USA anything from any online store your Hatolna credit automatically decreases by the amount of purchasing.

For any question don’t hesitate to contact Hatolna’s customer service