Hatolna Packages

Subscribe to one of Hatolna Packages through online shopping USA Increase your revenue and get the most out of it by subscribing in our business savings packages

Starter Package
199 EGP

  • 100% OFF Customs.
  • 80% OFF Hatolna Fees.
  • $3.50 Per 100 Gram.
  • Purchase limit: 75,000 EGP

Super Package
499 EGP

  • 100% OFF Customs
  • 100% OFF VAT
  • 40% OFF Hatolna Fees
  • $3.5 per 100 Gram
  • Unlimited
economy package
649 EGP

  • 100% OFF Customs
  • 25% OFF Hatolna Fees
  • 100% OFF VAT
  • $2.5 per 100 Gram
  • Limited For Fashion only
  • 25:35 shipping days

Custom Package

  • ?% OFF Customs
  • ?% OFF VAT
  • ?% OFF Hatolna Fees
  • $? per 100 Gram
  • Monthly ?

Membership Cancellation:

Hatolna has the right to cancel membership of Starter & Super packages at any time due to any emergency.

Hatolna have the right to adjust the prices of the packages in accordance with the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that is outside our control, according to what governments and officials take in view of this pandemic.

Terms & Conditions:

Please agree to the Terms & conditions before subscribing to packages.

we recommends that you read the features of each package before subscribing to one of them.

The membership fees for packages are paid through our payment methods which are (Visa, MasterCard, Fawry, Runner, bank transfer and Hatolna e-wallet).

The user has the right to refund the value of the package membership subscription after paying within 72 hours from the payment date, in case that no order is done through the website, and he/she hasn't the right to refund the money after this period.

Hatolna have the right to cancel the packages membership at any time due to any reason that occurs in the process of handling requests related to packages.

Hatolna packages only apply to certain Categories: shoes, watches, clothes, bags, wallets and glasses.