Why do we love to shop from usa? 6 reasons

shop from usa

Some people are wondering, Why do we love to shop from USA? There are many products here in Egypt already so This makes them wonder, what makes us go shopping in USA?. So today we are going to list some reasons that make us love shopping online in USA. If you’re curious Keep on reading to find out the answer.

6 reasons make you shop from USA

You can shop everything from usa clothes,sneakers,cosmetics,perfumes,

vitamins,Iphones, laptops and more. We’ve already shared with you 2 lists of our highly recommended websites that you can shop through from USA in 

8 best online shopping sites from USA and top 7 websites to shop from usa to egypt so you can check the two lists and pick the websites that you liked most. But why? See why we love shopping in the US stores and we think you will do too, Next.

  • Wide selection

According to USA shopping lovers, They say that there are more products in the USA than what they find in Egypt,more options that can be customized to their needs too, which is really Great!. So unleash your imagination and start shopping there. You will always find what you’re looking for in USA.

  • Latest trends

We find the latest trends. If you are a hipster you will easily notice that latest fashion trends start the

re in the USA and they take some time until they reach Egypt, so you can be the first one who gets every trendy piece to Egypt by shopping Online in USA.

  • Material

Material used in the production of everything in USA is totally better than what we find here. Even if the product was made in China or any place else, the version that is sent to the USA is better than what is sent to us in Egypt and the Middle east.

  • Brands to shop from USA

There are many good brands we love that don’t have stores here in Egypt like (CartersASOSBoohoocalvin kleintommy hilfiger and more)

 this’s Reason Number 4, so we have to shop from their American websites directly, and even those brands that have stores in Egypt they usually got exclusive designs and better materials available  in the USA only.

  • Prices & Offers

You Can save a lot when you shop from USA. Prices there are lower than here, especially if You are shopping at sales offers and discounts. It will be a great deal to buy your items then. Because their offers are usually real ones not fake and you’re getting the good quality at reasonable prices.


Even after customs and international shipping costs, it is still less expensive to shop from USA. And with Hatolna you can save much more with our continuous  offers and coupon codes add to this the advantage of collecting your orders from different websites as a one shipment so you will pay the international shipping only once.

  • Technologies

Okay there is no dispute that technologies are more evolved in the USA, some technologies won’t reach Egypt until after 5 years at least. So many people usually ship and shop technology from USA for this reason.


Conclusion – Shop from USA Now

Now you know 6 reasons why people love shopping online in USA. If you decide to give it a try, remember that Hatolna team is always here to help you with every step. We provide you American address, online calculator to know the estimated cost of your order, help clear your items through your local Customs office,

International shipping damaging guarantee, and 7 payment methods like(visa- fawri- Vodafone cash-Valu- collection officer and more). You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.

Our Goal is to let you have an ideal shopping experience in USA with no obstacles. What are you waiting for, Paste the link of the product you need here and give us the chance to help.


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