top 7 websites to shop from usa to egypt

top 7 websites to shop from usa to egypt

online shopping from USA is a bit confusing at the beginning, knowing the best brands and reliable sites is a bit complicated, requires a lot of effort and can have a bad experience, so in today’s article, we will recommend you a group of top 7 websites to shop from USA to Egypt that you can shop through them safely and easily.


Top 7 websites to shop from USA to Egypt

shopping online from USA is an enjoyable experience once you have mastered it, know its rules, determine the best sites, shipping method that is most suitable for you, and this is what we are going to discuss in today’s article. By listing some of the best websites to shop from usa  that sells all types of products you might need clothes, perfumes, makeup, and Electronics


Amazon certainly needs no introduction, as it is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider that offers continuous discounts. Although it provides direct shipping for some products, but unfortunately most of the offers and discounts are available in USA  only, we have explained how to create an account on Amazon and how to ship from Amazon to Egypt in one step here


Do you work in content creation?, then you must be looking for a suitable store to buy your equipment and tools,B&H is one of the best stores where you can shop for audio and photography equipment. It has everything related to the production of audio and visual content, such as camera lenses, memory cards, stands and lighting equipment at competitive prices.

Are you looking for high-quality clothes and awesome designs? The Asos store is your right place. You can view the different reviews on the item before ordering it. It also offers a special section for gifts that you can customize to your taste, and some other famous brands, skin and body care products, makeup, cosmetics, as well as accessories and shoes.

6pm is an Amazon store as well, where you can log into it with your same account on Amazon, it has a collection of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and sportswear from top international brands and there are great offers on their products but 6pm ships inside USA  only

It is considered as an everything store as it offers a wide range of diverse products and from different brands with a wide price range, where you can shop for men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, cosmetics, skincare, haircare and body care, as well as jewelry, sportswear and home furniture

A store specialized in makeup, cosmetics, candles, skincare, body makeup and other products with high-quality and reasonable prices. The Color Pop brand takes the slogan “beauty products that won’t break the bank”, color pop supports direct shipping, free shipping for orders exceeding $50 and offers great offers and discounts on occasions.

Shop for phone, iPad, and laptop accessories, especially for Apple products. As You can find mobile and laptop covers, screen protectors, bags, wallets, cables, direct charging, headphones and bands of all kinds, whether leather, metal, or waterproof.

What to do if the store does not support shipping to Egypt

It is very annoying when you find the product you are looking for or a great offer, but when you start checking out, you discover that the site does not support shipping to Egypt or that the offer is valid for shipping within USA  only, but fortunately, these problems can be easily bypassed as you can buy from USA  to Egypt Through a purchasing intermediary such as Hatolna, that can ship your products to their headquarters in USA  and then delivers them to Egypt to your doorstep.


This is not the only advantage offered by buying intermediaries from USA  like Hatolna, there are many other advantages such as providing a payment method if the shopping website you are shopping on does not provide a suitable payment method for you, Hatolna provides 5 different payment methods, including Fawri and a collection officer who collects the amount from Your door, as well as our Hatolna e-wallet


Hatolna is the best site to buy from USA  because it gives you many offers and renewable discount codes on all brands, in addition to the aggregation feature that we will learn more about in the next paragraph.


How can you benefit from aggregation with Hatolna


When you shop from more than one site, the shipping cost is calculated for each site alone, but if you collect all shipments to one address in USA  and ship the products in one parcel, you will save a very large amount of dollars, the aggregation feature can save you more than 70% of the amount of Shipping, so you can contact Hatolna to give you an USA address that you can shop and ship to USA  through, then Hatolna will do packaging and ship your order to your address in Egypt. You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.


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