The best of kids’ clothing on h&m usa

The best of kids’ clothing on h&m usa

Shopping for children’s clothes is no longer easy? There is a lot of searching and shopping in malls and children’s clothing stores, and after all this suffering, you will not find for your children what you want from the latest high-end fashions and models, so Hatolna’s blog helps you to shop for your children the best models from the largest American brands such as h&m usa .

Find out about children’s clothes and their prices from h&m usa

Let’s get acquainted together with some of what the American H&M brand offers us on their site, and how to buy and market them from America to your place directly through Hatolna.

Children’s special pants

The h&m website offers us a huge collection of boy’s and girls’ pants for all ages, from months old to 12 years old and more, different materials from jeans or cotton and others. 

If you are looking for basic pants for your children, there are many of them in all colors and models, such as the traditional plain pants, Or the type of plain and printed leggings, and even wide pants, the fashion of recent years, and their prices range from $8 to $30, depending on the model and age.


Learn about the various collections here and choose the one that suits your children.

Girls’ dresses from h&m

There are two types of dresses provided by the site, some of them are basic cotton and others are fluffy models, but it is certain that both types are indispensable in your child’s wardrobe, as each type of occasion has its own.


cotton dresses

It is a calm, normal and basic type of dress, there must be more than one piece of it in your child’s wardrobe, high-quality raw materials of pure cotton, so it is completely safe and does not cause any damage to the girl’s skin, and is available in many shapes and colors between the plain and the printed and the different models, their prices range Between $6 and $30, determined by model and times of sale.


Choose among them what suits your child here, and find out what we suggest to you here.

fluffy dresses

There are some fluffy dresses and models that are suitable for school parties, birthdays, or even some photo sessions, and perhaps special outings with the family, eye-catching and thin at the same time, giving a nice and lovely look, and some of them come in the form of two pieces, a T-shirt and a skirt, and others come in As a full dress, the average price ranges between $20 and $30, browse here,or here.


Take advantage of the spring discounts and order it through Hatolna

Cotton t-shirts from h&m usa

There is a wonderful group of children’s t-shirts that we recommend for their high quality of pure cotton, their reasonable prices, and their modern and elegant models.

Choose between them here and browse what we suggest to you from the collection of my sons’ t-shirts here and my daughters here.

Learn more about 6 Hacks to save money on kid’s clothing


Boys’ shorts

Cotton material and wonderful models in bright and modern colors, their price ranges between $8 and $25, including sets of more than one different piece, browse them here.

Boys’ T-shirts 

Modern and high-end models presented to us by h&m, which will make your child the most elegant among his colleagues. Long-sleeved shirts are available in several shapes, prints, and raw cotton, get to know them here, and some T-shirts that come in the form of a set of two pieces in different colors browse here.

Stylish winter clothes from h&m usa

Choose some winter pieces for your children and benefit from the end-of-winter discounts, on some selections of jackets, sweatshirts, and pullovers, with prices starting at $10. Browse all the discounts here.

Two-piece set

You can now shop the complete outfit for your child of two pieces, girls and boys models in various colors and at the best prices starting from $10, suitable for all ages, shop them here.

Buy from h&m usa by Hatolna

You can order now and easily in simple steps through and from anywhere in Egypt, you will receive your orders within 10-15 working days only. 

just enter the product’s link from Amazon _or any other website_ on Hatolna website and complete your order then chill, you can also get a 100% off on vat and 75% off on Hatolna’s fees when using the “flex22” code while making an order by Hatolna. is shipping products from the USA directly to you to ensure that you get the original products at the best prices and offers.

if you encounter any difficulty in how to order, you can contact us on site or our facebook page.


Shopping is easier with Hatolna. 



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