5 reasons why for shopping online in Egypt

5 أسباب للـ تسوق اون لاين مصر

Try to remember when the last time you bought something online was? Mostly, The answer will be a few months ago.  The process of shopping online in Egypt has become easier and more popular in recent years. It’s no longer complicated nor suspicious for shoppers. Some studies conducted by Visa indicate that there’s an 80% increase in the number of online shoppers and a 20% increase in the number of those who pay by cards and e-wallets than before. We can’t escape that what the world has been confronting since 2020 with coronavirus has a significant impact in increasing those percentages significantly.


Why is shopping online in Egypt better?

The benefits of shopping online in Egypt are increasing day by day, and the awareness of shoppers about online shopping is constantly growing too.


Shopping online gives you an ideal experience since you are safer, have a wider range of products and brands, and move across them easily and fast. 


So in the following lines, We will take a deep look into some of the most important advantages of online shopping that will help you make your mind about why you should start shopping online instead of traditional shopping and its drawbacks.


  • safety

“ choose Shopping Online in Egypt to Protect Yourself and Family from Viruses”

Whether in Egypt or any Other place, the safety feature of online shopping is really precious, especially nowadays, you should choose online shopping as long as it’s possible.  You are safe because you skipped dealing with crowds, so there’s no risky contact that may result in an infection except  When you receive your order at your door. And all online shopping sites imposed strict protection procedures on their staff. So the delivery man will be wearing a mask, gloves and keep social distance while dealing with clients


Wider Range of Products


“Discover hundreds of product options that you need”


 No matter how much you would try to move among stores and shopping malls. The range of products you will find is nothing compared to the wide range of products available online. You are not dealing with one or ten sellers. You are entering a gate to the market of the whole world sellers. You can buy from Egypt, buy from USA or from anywhere else. And skip the headache of customs and shipping with the help of purchasing mediators(we will get deep into this next in the advantage of shopping abroad)

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It’s Simple & Fast

“The Ease and speed of online shopping are AWESOME!”


The feature of easiness of shopping online in Egypt is also a competitive advantage compared to traditional shopping. You can move from one store into another in a second.


You can find the original seller of the product you are looking for in a moment too. Discover different sizes, types, and colors then compare among them easily. 


You can Define your typical size with size charts without fitting clothes, Read products specifications, check reviews from other shoppers and pay easily with your cards or e-wallets all this smoothness does not exist in traditional shopping at all

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Buy from anywhere in the world

“Customs Clearance it’s no longer a headache”


Even if you want to buy something from any country like USA, Customs Clearance and shipping procedures are not a headache anymore thanks to purchasing mediators, as you can hire a USA purchasing mediator like Hatolna that all you need to do is to send them your product link. 


Then they will calculate all the costs, providing a payment method even if the American website doesn’t accept paying from Egypt then after you confirm your order they will finish all other procedures and deliver the product to your door. 


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shopping online in Egypt for services

“Now you can buy literally any service online”


Whether you want to repair something in your house, book a room in a hotel, a table in a restaurant, a doctor’s appointment, or even buy the grocery or pay the bills.


 Everything can be done online now, no need to walk distances or make many calls. You can check services details and prices and make up your mind while you are relaxing on your couch.



 Shopping online in Egypt is evolving day by day, It’s Safe, Simple, Diverse, and Fast.  if you want to Buy anything from USA Hatolna is there to help you. Just copy&paste the product link to our website and let the magic happen. You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.

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