Shop the latest clothes in Ramadan from USA

تسوق احدث الملابس في شهر رمضان من امريكا


The blessed month of Ramadan comes with all the best and happiness every year, and we welcome it with preparations such as buying kitchen supplies and changing some decorations at home, may organize a special decoration for the holy month, and while Ramadan this year coincides with the end of the winter season and the beginning of the summer, we must also prepare for Ramadan evenings and various occasions and Eid with the best And the latest clothing models from USA, no more confusion about shopping during Ramadan and Eid, choose the looks you like from the sites that we present to you and leave the matter of buying and shipping them to Hatolna.


Sites for shopping for clothes in Ramadan 

We show you some sites where you can shop and find what you love.


Amazon America

Amazon America’s site includes all imaginable products, whether in fashion or in the kitchen, decorations, small appliances, electronics, and many more, and the site shows you the best-selling products and the largest daily offers, as well as customer opinions, shop what you want from Amazon easily here.



The site offers us the famous brand all models for all ages, you can find on it what suits you and suits your family, special sections for women’s clothing and others for men and children, you can browse in the section in general or you can search for what you want directly through the search box as adding the word “jacket” It shows you all the jackets available on the site for all ages, and so, you can browse Tommy Hilfiger website from here.


ZARA USA website

The famous brand Zara has recently launched its spring and summer collections for 2022, you can shop for what you will not find in Zara Egypt branches, choose what you want from the sections and items shown in it, such as choosing the coats or basics section or the new spring collection, and reveal all it offers from a wide variety and the latest Models, you can choose from here.


GUESS website

The brand, which is rich in definition, allows us to shop from all its models through its website. You can buy them directly from US, save many expenses, and get the latest models and the highest raw materials through Hatolna. 

You can find everything you want from fashion to accessories, bags, shoes, and everything from the brand, Shine with the most luxurious views, visit the site here.


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Calvin Klein’s website

Not only underwear, but what the Calvin Klein brand offers us in fashion is a lot, you find most of what you are looking for in shirts, pants, many comfortable fashions, and wonderful materials, and the site offers some discounts currently of up to 25%, shop the brand here and order what you want through Hatolna.


Why do you shop in the month of Ramadan?

What has become a routine for most mothers is shopping during Ramadan for Eid clothes for children and spouses, and it does not prevent some young people also shop during this festive period, especially since Ramadan comes with the beginning of the spring and summer season and the launch of most brands of their latest models and looks for the season, in addition to the approaching periods of Weddings in the summer, which come with a lot of preparations and buying dresses, etc., so we have to take the opportunity and shop for everything we need and want during this period and do not incur a lot of anxiety or thinking while shopping from abroad with Hatolna.


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Order during Ramadan from the largest USA sites with Hatolna

You can order now and easily in simple steps through and from anywhere in Egypt, you will receive your orders within 10-15 working days only. 

just enter the product’s link from Amazon _or any other website_ on Hatolna website and complete your order then chill, you can also get a 100% off on vat and 75% off on Hatolna’s fees when using the “flex22” code while making an order by Hatolna. is shipping products from the USA directly to you to ensure that you get the original products at the best prices and offers.

if you encounter any difficulty in how to order, you can contact us by any of the social media channels shown on site or visit our Facebook.


Shopping is easier with Hatolna.

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