How to Shop from Shein with Hatolna

كيف تشتري من موقع شي إن للتسوق مع هاتولنا

When local looks make us boring, we start looking for the new in the world and shop for the latest ones to achieve the look we dream of and which everyone who sees us will praise. 


Why Shein Shopping Site?

Several reasons make it logical to shop from the Chinese fashion site Shein, the first of which is the variation in its prices and its proportionality with the budget of most Egyptian shoppers, we will not neglect the quality, which is good compared to other sites, either site and the app are among the easiest to shop in terms of filtering and divisions of items. 

All of it is easy to search for what you think, in addition to the image search feature, and in this feature, you can take a picture of the pieces you like and search for them or similar ones on the site, and this method is successful and proven by most of the shoppers.


Make sure to use the filter to determine who you want from the thousands of models and products that the site offers. 

If you want products made of cotton, you can select the cotton from the material filter, and so on for sleeve length, colors…


 And do not forget to adjust the settings on the price in dollars to ensure that you calculate the correct value for each product you choose, and to allow the Hatolna website to calculate it on the site’s calculator and inform you of the final value of the product at the shipping price, learn about the Hatolna calculator from here.


There is a section on discounts, which you have to browse, you may find what suits you at the best price and get a great deal.

How to choose from the Shein shopping site?

Shein provides us with many different options of all kinds, such as beachwear and formal clothes, and others for jeans and casual, and offers many discounts and codes throughout the year and in the seasons of sale, you can get great deals, just visit Shein website or download the app They are available on the Google Store or the Apple Store, browse what you like, choose and add to the wish list, and then keep it until you put the links for the products you choose on the Hatolna website after that.


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What you can buy from Shein

You can find everything related to fashion on the site, as well as some products related to home decoration and accessories, choose the category you want, such as glasses and accessories, and then browse what the site offers you from hundreds of options.


There is also a section dedicated to make-up, cosmetics, and nail polish in which you can find what satisfies all tastes with good materials and very reasonable prices, in addition to hair accessories, shoes, and bags for all ages.


There is another section dedicated to children and all their supplies. This section will make the mothers happy, of course, as it includes everything without getting tired of searching for the most appropriate and the measurements are easily explained. You can calculate them in ages or centimeters.


Browse Shein’s website here.


How to buy from Shein to shop with Hatolna

After we learned together about the advantages of Shein shopping site and how to access it and choose from it, you may be wondering how to order from inside Egypt easily without complications.

You can order now and easily in simple steps through and from anywhere in Egypt, you will receive your orders within 10-15 working days only. 

just enter the product’s link from Amazon _or any other website_ on Hatolna website and complete your order then chill, you can also get a 100% off on vat and 75% off on Hatolna’s fees when using the “flex22” code while making an order by Hatolna. is shipping products from the USA directly to you to ensure that you get the original products at the best prices and offers.

if you encounter any difficulty in how to order, you can contact us by any of the social media channels shown on site.


Shopping is easier with Hatolna.


Contact Hatolna on:



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