How can I buy from usa?

How can I buy from usa?
  • Using broker to buy online from America to Egypt
  • Buy from USA without customs
  • Buy from USA: Shipping from USA in simple ways
  •  buy from usa: Getting best goods and best prices
  • Buy from USA: How can I buy from Amazon America
  • Steps of “How can I buy from Amazon America”
  • Tips that you should know before buying abroad
How can I buy from usa?
How can I buy from usa?

If you love online shopping, from a country like the USA, you will definitely face some obstacles during the shop and ship or payment processes. Two solutions; Either you  ask for help from e-commerce companies in Egypt, or either extract a Visa or MasterCard for international use. In addition to creating your own US mail address, you can easily order products, and buy from USA sites.

Using broker to buy online from America to Egypt

With the increasing demand for online shopping from America, the obstacles for shoppers have increased during the purchasing, online payments, and ship from America to Egypt or some countries of the Middle East, but the best solution is to ask for help from an e-commerce broker to buy from usa.That’s because the policies of some American websites don’t allow shipping to Egypt and other Arab countries.

 These brokers are e-commerce companies, which facilitate the procedures and complexities of purchasing abroad. These companies have many advantages; offers and discounts. This way motivates the customers to deal with them, and ask them to take over the entire shop and ship process from America, starting from ordering the product until its delivery to the doorstep of the customer’s house.

Buy from USA without customs

As for customs procedures, don’t worry about them. E-commerce companies undertake customs procedures. Through the services available to them, the process has become simple without any difficulties. These companies seek to facilitate all customs procedures, and guarantee a perfect purchase process. That’s because these companies allow you to follow your order’s process step by step since it is bought in the usa online store


buy from usa without customs, and enjoy the latest offers with e-commerce companies that are keen to offer discounts for the products.So the customer can benefit from partial or total discounts on customs or fees. By this way, The customer is encouraged to  buy from usa online shopping sites, and quickly catch up on benefits.

Buy from USA: Shipping from USA in simple ways

The international shipping process may causes a lot of damage. But with the help of e-commerce companies, the shipping has become easier and safer. Some companies also compensate in some cases, as they guarantee the purchasing and Ship from America to Egypt.

Now, go to their websites, and try to buy something. You’ll get more offers and discounts.

How can I buy from usa?
How can I buy from usa?

                    buy from usa: Getting best goods and best prices

These companies have American credit cards, which are dealt with. They also have addresses in several warehouses in America. These cards enable them to buy easily from USA sites with the best products and the best prices, and after the goods are received in the warehouses, photos of the products are taken. Then the products are sent to the customer’s account, to ensure that his orders are safe.

In the New Year and Black Friday seasons,  the companies provide more offers. So the shoppers can get the best products and best prices. It even provides easy and different payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Fawry, bank transfer or by paying directly to  Shipping company representatives.


Buy from USA: How can I buy from Amazon America is an e-commerce company, which has a “Free Shipping” service. This service isn’t allowed to other countries except America, especially Egypt and the Middle East. So you have to deal with  e-commerce companies.

As for the fees of shipping service at, it differs according to the price of the product on the usa online store.

. The fees  are sometimes identified by the site itself. also allows you to deal with one or more shipping companies, according to the final cost ​​of international shipping, and the shipping period. 

Steps of “How can I buy from Amazon America”:

  • Look at the right of the page, click on “Add to cart”, to add the products to the shopping cart.
  • After adding the product you can upgrade to get free shipping or decline.
  • Click on the word cart to complete the purchase.
  • Then click on checkout.
  • Enter your data correctly and add the US address.
  • After that, make the payment and wait for the product to arrive at your US address.

You can follow these steps while buying from another website.

But many people ask, “How to buy from usa without the help of a broker?”. That means how can the shopper buy by himself  without suffering from the problems we mentioned above.

Therefore, here are some tips that you should know and tools you should have before buying abroad:

  • credit card for online payment (international use)

You must have a Visa or MasterCard, to  pay online. Your credit card must be “international use”..

  • Buy from USA using PayPal to pay online

You may need to create an account with PayPal, as it is the first and best way to pay online. In addition, it is a supported service available on allusa online shopping sites.

  •  Obtain a US mailing address.

As we mentioned above, some American websites do not provide shipping service to Egypt and some Arab countries. As a result, You must have an American mail address.

How can I buy from usa?
How can I buy from usa?

Other tips to keep in mind before buying from abroad

  •   buy from usa, but first pay attention to these tips. You must review and read everything about the product before buying. 
  • Find comparisons between this product you want to buy, and other similar products. Based on that, you can decide to buy or not.
  • Read reviews of previous customers. You can find the reviews below every product in any online shopping website.

Finally, I advise you to deal with a broker to buy from the Internet in Egypt, such as the company ““.Try to buy from usa. You’ll get high-quality products, with special prices. Don’t hesitate to try dealing with “”, You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.

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