how can I buy from USA to Egypt?

how can I buy from USA to Egypt?

Do you want to buy from USA to Egypt? 

We All love shopping online, it’s a cakewalk, there are too many options, and a countless number of products, but when it comes to international shipping things are no longer easy-peasy like before, But with Hatolna you can shop and ship from USA to Egypt easily And safely.

Why should you buy from USA to Egypt with Hatolna?

Hatolna is an eCommerce company that helps you to shop from any online store in USA then ship your order to Egypt. Online shopping is growing in importance so Hatolna is working on creating the best hassle-free service.

Aggregate and save more

online stores in USA Are very cool, they’re making real offers and discounts. Personally, I love shopping there so much! But when I order from different websites the cost of international shipping from each cost an arm and a leg. But Hatolna enabled me to aggregate my purchases to their office in USA then they were shipped as one shipment and This resulted in a substantial saving in costs.


my credit card wasn’t accepted online

Unfortunately, some American Websites don’t accept Egyptian credit cards, and this was really annoying for me. If you’ve tried to buy a product from abroad to Egypt. I’m sure you’ve encountered this problem before.


Hatolna provides you  6 payment methods (Fawri, Vodafone cash, Bank transfers, collecting officer, Visa, and Hatolna e-wallet)

So payment is no longer an obstacle if you decided to buy from USA. 


Save more with Hatolna Coupon codes 

Hatolna has ongoing coupon codes and offers from top American brands you can use in online shopping from USA. They also have some packages that you can subscribe to save more if you usually buy from USA and ship to Egypt. 


I tried a code that saves me 100% off customs and another one that gives me 100%off  Hatolna fees. Offers are really hot and amazing. Remember to check them out next time you shop from USA.


Save the effort of custom clearance 

Okay, I know you’ve suffered many times trying to get your shipment out of customs. Some shipments can be lost if they are not approved. But thanks God Hatolna Saves the effort of custom clearance and bureaucracy process

Hatolna facilitates the process of international shipping from USA to Egypt .by solving the bureaucracy process or customs or any obstacles and getting the approval of any required document from the ministry of communication and information technology or the Ministry of Health and Population easily.

do the maths with Hatolna calculator

Product price, US tax, VAT, declaration fees, domestic shipping, international shipping, customs, and fees. It’s a difficult calculation to do on your own. 

But you will know the estimated cost by Hatolna calculator before submitting your online order to be aware of everything before Hatolna purchases your online order from any online shopping store. 


No risk with International shipping 

Some products can be damaged during international shipping,

The seller isn’t responsible for this. So you will bear the cost of the damaged item.

But if you ordered with Hatolna there’s no risk. Because  Hatolna guarantee you will get your online order you bought from online shopping websites or online stores without damages 


The minimum weight is 100gm! 

Shipping little items? You may need to ship a little item like a mobile cover, lipstick, or piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, Lightweight items are charged at the weight of 1kgm or 500gm according to the shipping company policy.


But in hatolna, the minimum weight is 100gm so you won’t bear any cost of additional weight that you didn’t consume.


Conclusion – 

I do really recommend you to try Hatolna next time you buy from USA to Egypt, so you can aggregate your purchases, know your estimated cost with their calculator, enjoy risk-free shipping, get an easy payment method, save efforts of custom clearance, save money with their coupon codes and being charged at the lowest shipping weight 100gm only!

You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.

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