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delivery to egypt

Delivery to egypt isn’t an easy process. Egyptian shoppers face a problem through online shopping abroad, especially in the USA. That’s because some American websites don’t accept Egyptian credit cards or cannot ship to egypt from us. So the shoppers can’t buy their needs from these websites. These sites have a policy that prohibits the Egyptians from shopping and buying. But what the solution is. Read this article carefully to know the solution.


The solution is to ask for the help of an e-commerce company, that helps you to buy all your needs in an easy and fast way.


In this article, we will talk about the shipping policies in some e-commerce companies, the cost of shipping, the cheapest shipping from usa to egypt, the shipping period to egypt, safe international shipping, and payment methods for delivery to egypt.


Shipping Policy

Each e-commerce company has its own shipping policy. It differs from company to company. The shipping policy is placed in a document on one of the sites’ web pages. The policy outlines shipping cost, time, procedures, options, and delivery schedules. 


A shipping policy is an e-commerce best practice that should be incorporated into your entire shipping strategy. No e-commerce company can work without a shipment policy and strategy.


 Shipping Cost

The frequently asked question for shoppers is “How much does the delivery to egypt cost”. They worry about the shipping fees and other related fees such as taxes, shipping to egypt customs, etc.

  To know, the e-commerce companies identified the shipping cost based on:

There are many online shopping sites that provide free international shipping.


Each product has its own specifications. The size of the laptop differs from the size of the mobile. And if this product has additional parties or not. For example, devices have additional parties, like the charger, so the delivery cost of devices is calculated in a specific way. This way differs from the way to calculate the cost of other categories.


Each carrier has its own set of weight and size restrictions categories and terminology. Another aspect that may affect the shipment costs is the dimensional weight. It relates to a package’s density, or how much space it takes up in relation to its actual weight.


  • Shipment distance

It’s not only the weight that affects shipping cost, But also the distance. Is this domestic shipping or international shipping? Each one has a specific calculation that differs from company to company. Furthermore, the greater the distance, the higher the cost.


  • Taxes, Declaration and Customs

Taxes and duties are legal obligations that must be paid before your shipment may be delivered. The taxation is determined by the local VAT, item category, and declared value.

You should know if the item you want to buy is legal in your country or not. In addition, you should understand how the customs clearance works, and which best e-commerce company will take over your order shipment and delivery. 


Shipping Period 

Every company uses a particular shipping method. It may be a slow delivery method or a fast delivery method. According to this, the days of shipment are identified. That’s because if the company works fast delivery method, the order will be delivered to the customer within 5 to 10 days. But if it works, the customer gets the order within 10 to 20 days.


The process is based on the cost of delivery. That means the Cheapest delivery method, the slowest delivery is worked.


safe shipping

Some people are frightened of international shipping. That’s because the delivery process may be unsafe. The orders are sent with many scratches, or the order is incomplete. 


payment methods 

The companies provide various payment methods to help shoppers to pay easily without any obstacles. E-commerce companies know that people need to feel comfortable during payment. You should choose which one is suitable for you to pay for.



 As we mentioned, the delivery to egypt is a critical issue. There are many obstacles caused by the policy of American websites that prohibit buying for Egypt and other Arab countries. The solution as we said is to ask for the help of an e-commerce company. These companies help the customer to shop and ship egypt. One of them is “Hatolna.com”, that is one of the shopping websites in egypt.


Hatolna helps you to buy all your needs from USA. It has Integrated Services. On its website there are many American websites and brands, you can choose the favorite one for you to buy from. Hatolna uses American credit cards to shop from usa from websites that cannot ship from us to egypt directly, such as  Amazon and eBay.

It also is responsible for shipping from us to egypt. It’s not only that but also keep on providing offers and discounts on shipping to egypt customs, VAT and its fees. It provides  7 payment methods like Visa, Master Card, Valu, Vodafone Cash,  Bank Transfer, Fawry, and a request runner. You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.

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