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مجموعة مكياج من موقع شي آن لا يجب أن تفوتك

We offer you a wonderful and unique make-up from Shein website, which we recommend to buy.

Shein created a cosmetic line known as SHEGLAM, specializing in everything related to make-up, including color-unifying creams, supplies for lips, cheeks, eyeliners, and others.

 Learn about makeup tools from Shein website 


eye makeup 


Color Crush Liquid Eyeliner-Fire Drill

This eyeliner is characterized by its cheerful colors, water resistance, long-lasting and gives a trendy look that keeps pace with the developments of fashion and makeup, its price is very suitable, within the range of $ 4 or less, and it is made of skin-friendly materials that do not cause infections or allergies

You can shop it here


Several types of SHEGLAM mascara are available, including one for lengthening the eyelashes and another for increasing their density, and one that is long-lasting and water-resistant.

Learn more here and here

Eyeshadow in different colors from the Shein website


SHEGLAM Caring zodiac Palette

A set of wonderful eyeshadow palettes for each sign, a new trend presented to us by Shein. Choose the appropriate palette for your horoscope and express your personality and unleash your characteristics and features and express them through a wonderful range of colors, each palette contains 8 colors to suit all skin colors, available At a price of about $ 7, a different palette is available for each tower.

Learn about the Cancer palette here, or choose your sign and learn about its colors here.

SHEGLAM Spring It On Clover Palette

A palette that reflects the bright and refreshing colors of spring, consisting of 9 colors, some glossy and some matte, suit all skin colors and suit your different looks and upcoming occasions, mix them to get a radiant look, available for $ 5 instead of $ 7, shop it.

You can shop for more eye shadows of different types and choose what suits you here and shop it by Hatolna

Cheek make-up set from Shein website


Spring It On Cream-to-Powder Blush

With a different tube-shaped design, and a soft creamy texture,

the Spring It blusher from the Spring collection gives a natural and attractive look,

made of skin-friendly materials that do not cause irritation, and lasts a long time with the same shine,

for only $4, you can shop it here.

Jelly Wow Blush & Dewy Highlighter Stick

Shein provides you with a double pen of blush and highlighter in different shades to suit your taste and skin tone,

a creamy substance that gives you a fresh, natural look, and a pure, glossy highlighter that is stable and stays for a long time, available at a price of about $3, choose its colors here.

SHEGLAM Glow Globe Highlighter

New, attractive, and world map design For lovers of adventure and discovering new trends.

Support the world and nature with this wonderful box made of gentle materials with a clean formula and sustainable packaging made of eco-friendly fiber paper, available for about $ 6, find it here.

SHEGLAM Freck Please Freckle Tint-Tan

If you are a fan of the sun marks known as freckles, Shein provides you with this tint in different colors and is water-resistant, you can buy it here for about $5.

lip makeup set


Take A Hint Lip Tint-Wake-up Call

Glossy and stable that stays for 5 hours with bright and beautiful colors.

it is characterized by a strong gloss that does not decrease with time, and it is water-resistant, light and non-sticky, moisturizing at the same time

shop it here.

Spring It On Glow Gloss-Pink Slip

It gives an attractive shine and a plump look to the lips, is available in neutral and transparent colors, is made from natural ingredients, and comes at only $ 4, and you can shop it here.

Sunday Picnic collection Limited-Edition Set

This set, which comes together, consists of 3 different shades of lip gloss.

a palette of eye shadows in neutral and calm colors.

blush in 3 different creamy shades, and a setting spray for a long-lasting look, inspired by the weekend’s outings.

Shop it here.

Make-up brushes from Shein

One of the best sellers on the site is the wonderful makeup brush sets, due to their high quality and the right price together, their price ranges around $ 12, you can buy them here.

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