Does Amazon ship to Egypt?

does amazon ship to egypt

Does Amazon ship to Egypt? If you would like to find out the right answer, keep reading because we will discuss in detail how to order from Amazon USA  and ship to Egypt, although Amazon Egypt has been launched recently but amazon USA still has broad loyal customers who have been shopping on for years.

Does Amazon ship to Egypt? Step-by-step guide

Mostly you are after finding an interesting product offer on amazon USA there are you want to buy, is it your first time to buy from abroad? Don’t worry we assure you that through this article you will know all you need to know to get your product from amazon without any trouble, in addition to an easier way that would help you to from amazon to Egypt with one step you can find at the end of the article

  1. First, open the Amazon USA website
  2. Click on Your Account
  3. It will show you an option to “sign-in” if you already have an account on Amazon or click” start here” that is next to “new customer”
  4. Fill in the required fields (Full Name – email – password..)
  5. Click on create an account and now you have an active account on amazon successfully

How to add Egypt shipping address on amazon

Before starting on making any order from amazon. You should first add a shipping address in Egypt through those steps:

  1. On the top of the screen, you can find the “your account” icon step your mouse on it
  2. Once you stepped on it a drop-down menu will appear select “account”
  3. Scroll down and choose “your address”
  4. Enter the details of the address that you want to receive your next orders on it then click “add address” to save your data
  5. You can add more addresses with the same steps

How to add a payment method on amazon

After successfully creating an account on Amazon you need to add the payment method that you want to pay with when you make an order on amazon but it should be accepted by amazon 

  1. At the top of the screen, you will find the “your account” icon step your mouse on it
  2. Once you stepped on it a drop-down menu will appear select “account”
  3. Scroll down and choose “Your Payments”
  4. Choose your payment method and click save

Now your account is ready to buy and ship from amazon USA to Egypt but there are some issues that may encounter you then, find out more about next

Cons of Direct amazon shipping 

  • Limitations of products

The first problem you might have when trying to order from amazon to Egypt is when you find a product you want to buy but you discover that you can’t Because not all products are available for shipping to Egypt, then you will need an intermediary between you and amazon like Hatolna that can ship you anything from amazon to Egypt

  • Providing a payment method

If the payment methods that amazon accept don’t suit you, this will be the second problem because You cannot use the cash on delivery feature that amazon provides because it’s only available inside USA But Hatolna can help you with multiple payment methods like Fawri, banking transfer, collection officer or you can use hatolna e-wallet.

  • The headache of customs clearance

Customs clearing can be a real dilemma with some categories of products, your shipment can stuck at custom house and you may lose it, but Hatolna the intermediary between you and amazon can eliminate all this headache in addition to a guarantee of bearing the cost of your shipment if it’s lost or stuck.


  • Risk of Damaged product 

If your order is damaged during international shipping unfortunately it’s your problem, But Hatolna the intermediary between you and amazon won’t let you pay anything if your shipment is damaged because of international shipping


How to ship from Amazon to Egypt – one step

Now you know all the steps and issues related to shipping from amazon to Egypt, you may have some concerns regarding going forward with your order, But imagine saving time and canceling all these risks with one step!


Yes, this is possible through Hatolna, and the only step you need to take is to paste the link of the product you need on Hatolna’s website! Yes, it’s as simple as this. In addition to this, you can save more using hatolna codes that support most of the top brands and USA websites, You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.

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