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تعرفي على اكسسوارات زارا اطفال من امريكا

Have you ever wondered where you can find all the elegant and beautiful children’s accessories? Have you searched a lot for them in vain? Zara online for Kids provides some of the finest accessories that suit the elegance of your child that you are looking for, and there are different types of accessories provided by Zara USA, we will get to know them together

Zara online kids’ hair accessories

There are many elegant hair accessories provided by the Zara brand, some of which you will not find in the splendor of their designs and the accuracy of their quality, there are some types of comfortable fabric hair ties that give a beautiful casual look with comfort to the scalp and suit the club, day out and go to school as well, and the price of the set is Three-piece set is approximately $9.

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Zara hair accessories

There is another type of hair accessories provided by Zara Kids, which are colorful and beautiful hairpins that suit your child and give her a cheerful and friendly impression.

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Zara hair accessories

In addition to the wonderful hair hoops provided by the brand, and give a stylish look to the child while preserving the hair because they are fully lined with soft fabric on the head and scalp, and their approximate prices are no different from the rest of the hair accessories, between $8 and $10.

Zara hair accessories

Zara girls’ accessories for kids

Some elegant and lively accessories and cheerful colors for more sparkle for your child, several distinctive designs that you can buy individually or together to complement each other.

Zara online children’s accessories set

Ear accessories

Some shapes that your child will love, of course, elegant design to distinctive quality, made entirely of gold-plated silver, to ensure the stability of its color and health on your child’s skin, and its price ranges between $30 and $37.

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Ear accessories from Zara online for kids

Necklaces from Zara online kids

Some of the elegant and calming designs of the necklaces offered by the brand Zara, excellent quality also made of gold-plated silver, its color is stable and doesn’t change with use, its price ranges around $40.

Browse it here.

necklaces from zara kids

Zara online baby boy’s accessories

Some of the clothing accessories such as casual and classic belts with modern, high-end designs that you can shop here, and various neckties that suit all occasions and special photo sessions, can see them from this link, and their price range is around $13 per piece.



Non-permanent tattoo for summer

Some of the tattoos are stackable and easy to remove, bright graphics suitable for summer and the sea and make your children happy, and their price on the Zara online USA website is about $9, you can browse them here.

kids’ glasses from Zara online 

A large collection of boy’s and girls’ glasses that suit every taste and every look, and the most elegant look for your child among the others, and certainly make them happy and protected from the scorching summer sun, to enjoy his summer safely, and their price ranges between $17 and $20.

Browse it from this link.

kids’ room accessories from Zara Home

The brand provides some decorations for kids’ rooms, to make them a cheerful, lively, and elegant place, some pieces that you may not find anywhere else, such as door handles and drawers, and some small carpets in different shapes, and there are also wall hangers suitable for hanging clothes and other shapes Animals that children love, such as elephants and giraffes..etc. 

It also provides bed sheets, small covers, and some children’s needs such as spoons, decorated dishes, and bottles, and their prices start from $8 to $50, and you can browse them here.

Zara kids room accessories

Party and birthday decorations

Some accessories for the parties that you have for your kids, such as birthday parties, New Year’s parties…etc, a set of wall decorations, caps, flags, gift cards, its cheerful, calm, and elegant colors at the same time, and their price starts from $6 up to $15 approximately.

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Christmas decorations from Zara

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