8 best online shopping sites from USA

افضل مواقع تسوق اون لاين من امريكا

Discover 8 best online shopping sites on which you can shop from USA safely, we have shared with you a group of best 7 online shopping sites from USA before and how to ship to Egypt At a lower price, and today we offer you suggestions for other good sites through which you can shop in USA to compare prices and get the best offer. 

8 best online shopping sites from USA

If you are a fan of online shopping, then you must have thought about tying shopping from USA, so today Hatlolna offers you some recommendations of some sites for online shopping which offer various types of products, whether clothes, furniture or electronics, as we will explain why some sites do not open in Egypt and how Easily overcome this problem.

Walmart is a huge online store that contains almost everything electronics, clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories, furniture, movies, music, books, video games, children’s items, food, and car accessories as well, all products from the best brands at discounted prices. The site also has an application that you can download to your phone and shop through it. Walmart is like Amazon and you can compare between them and choose the best offer of the product you want to buy

Zulily is considered a nice fashion website famous for its low prices, but keep in mind that sometimes this comes at the expense of quality. The site offers many types of clothes, Baby clothes, furniture, household items, and children’s toys, but sometimes the delivery time is unfortunately too long

Shop for your child from USA on Carter’s. Carter’s website is famous for the high quality of children’s clothing and at affordable prices, but it offers shipping inside USA only. The clothes are categorized by age, from the age of 1 month to 14 years.

Protect your phone from being broked whether it’s iPhone or Pixel or other recognized brands by shopping on Rhinoshield website, the site is specialized in protection covers for phones and devices from shocks and breakage, in addition to accessories for AirPods and smartwatches and it supports direct shipping


Best Buy is an online store for electronics such as Mobiles, Laptops, TVs, Cameras, Smart Watches, Printers, and almost all electronic devices of all brands and it offers great deals all the time.

New Age is also an online store that sells everything related to computers, laptops, and internal hardware parts, so it’s very suitable site if you want to assemble a computer or upgrade yours, prices are excellent, and its options are huge and varied.

EBay site needs no introduction, it has a group of sellers from all over the world who offers their products for sale either at a final price or through the bidding system, but pay attention to the seller’s rate before buying and make sure to read all the details of the product carefully because you may have to accept the product if you didn’t pay attention to the written description some sellers do not accept returns, as for shipping it depends on the seller, either direct shipping or within USA only.

A famous American clothing online store that sells high-quality clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and some household items as well. It provides direct shipping outside USA and offers good discounts every while, but you may find that the site does not allow you to enter because it does not ship to the country in which you are located, You can solve this problem Easily with just two steps, using the VPN program and contacting a buying intermediary like Hatolna. To find out more, continue reading.

Why can’t you open some US shopping sites? And what is a VPN?

Some shopping sites block countries that they do not ship to, so if you are in Egypt and trying to open an American site that does not support direct shipping to Egypt, you may be surprised to see a page informing you of an error or denied access

 the solution is to use a VPN program, which is a program responsible for changing your IP to cancel any restrictions imposed on your country from any site and thus you can browse blocked sites with ease. You can use Urban Vpn, by adding its extension to your browser and enjoy shopping from any site, but how will you ship to Egypt as long as the site does not accept direct shipping to it? Find the answer next.


How to ship from a site that does not ship to Egypt?

After installing a VPN, there are no more problems in browsing any American site. You can now easily add the products you need to your cart. 

As for the shipping step, you can use a buying intermediary, such as Hatolna, which helps you ship your products even if they are from different sites, at the address of its headquarter In USA, then they pack your order and ship it to your home address in Egypt with ease, in addition to the possibility of benefiting from the discount codes that Hatolna offers you on famous brands. Find out how to buy from USA through Hatolna from here. 

You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna.


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