7 Steps to shop and ship Egypt

shop and ship egypt


 Nowadays People shop and ship Egypt easily with the help of buying intermediaries. That’s because online shopping has become a crucial part of people’s lives. There are 2.14 billion people who buy many products from online stores all over the world. Egyptians love online shopping, and their number has increased since the start of Covid-19. 


Steps to shop and ship to egypt

In the following lines, there are 7 steps for you. Use them when you do online shopping.

Step 1/ Find a good buying intermediary 

As we mentioned, online buying with the help of a buying intermediary is easier and safer than online shopping by yourself. So, you have to choose a good one to buy from abroad through it.

Step 2/ Go to the website

Then, Browse the brands on the site, choose a category; clothing, electronics, cosmetics, vitamins, or choose the best brands for you in order to find the wanted item.

Step 3/ Shop and choose the best product for you

After that, decide which product is suitable and affordable for you.

Step 4/ Go to the comparisons and reviews

Don’t forget to go to the reviews and comparisons of the product. You’ll find it under the displayed product on the intermediary site. But if you didn’t find it, go to google and search for the reviews of this product.

Step 5/ Add the product to the cart 

After finishing shopping, add the product to the cart. You’ll find a button with this sentence “Add to Cart”.

 Step 6/Pay the total price

Every intermediary provides many payment methods. Choose a suitable one and pay the total price. The total price involves the price of the item itself, VAT, e-commerce fees, and international shipping fees.

Step 7/ Shipping

   Also, many e-commerce companies have shipping services. They ship the orders to your country and deliver them to your doorstep. So you guarantee that the shipping process is safe, and your order will be delivered without any scratches, but what are the shop & ship rates in the e-commerce mart?


Benefits of shop and ship with Buying intermediary

What are the benefits of online shopping using a buying intermediary? Online shopping has many advantages. We’ll mention some of them next so keep on reading.

Here are the advantages of online shopping:

  • Very convenient

Imagine that you sit in your room at home, and browse Google and social media platforms to search for a specific product. You don’t need to go to the marketplace and look for something you want. Furthermore, no salesperson asks you more questions. All of these are the meaning of feeling very convenient while doing online shopping.


  •      Real and good Prices

During offline shopping, customers often face the problem of fake and pretty expensive prices. But if they buy through an e-commerce company, they will get the best prices. Also, the buying intermediary always provides many offers and coupon codes, especially in the black Friday season and Christmas season.


In addition, if you want to do shopping from various online stores to buy many products, you’ll have to pay international shipping fees for each store. But, when you shop and ship with an e-commerce company it makes the process easier. Because you will  pay the international shipping cost  of the products as a one shipment.

  •  Save Time

All your needs are available on the internet, because of the algorithms. You can find more than a brand of the item you search for, so you have many choices.


In addition, you can find reviews and comparisons of the products on websites. Also, the product  rate helps you to know how good this product is.


Not only that but also some people like to buy original products, which means they want to buy from the main website. For example, someone wants to buy macy’s clothing from macy’s itself. So the only solution is to shop and ship using a buying intermediary or an e-commerce company.


  • No covid-19


Online shopping is a great precaution from covid-19 because you don’t have to go outside to the crowd to buy something. everything is available on the online stores with various colors, different forms, and a detailed description for it.


shop and ship rates


Shopping and shipping rates are the additional fees you pay while online shopping as well as the cost of the things you choose to buy from the store. Any shipping charges are added to a customer’s order during checkout.

 E-commerce companies provide different charging  options such as 

Hatolna packages different programs


You have many shop and ship service providers. Like  Hatolna.com. It’s an e-commerce company, that provides different American websites and global brands. You can shop and ship from USA with the help of Hatolna. It also provides 7 payment methods; Visa, Master Card, Valu, Vodafone Cash,  Bank Transfer, Fawry, and a request runner. You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna. Don’t hesitate to try Hatolna services and ask for the help of customer service, if you have an inquiry.


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