6 Hacks to save money on kid’s clothing

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We know all about your suffer when shopping for your kid’s clothing, you buy them, then few months they are no longer suitable, either because your child’s size has changed, or because clothes are too consumed, then you have to buy a lot of clothes again, it cost an arm and a leg And it’s very stressful, it won’t stay that way with Hatolna’s following tricks.

6 Hacks to save money on kid’s clothing

Your child’s body is growing very quickly, and this makes Shopping for children’s clothes a burden for many parents, but if you used those simple tricks next time you shop for kids clothing,you will save a lot, Read 6 HACKS TO BUY CHILDREN’S CLOTHES THAT Hatolna’s Team provides you.

(1) Choose one size larger

This trick is certainly not a secret for mothers, but some mothers apply it the wrong way, so they purchase oversized pieces that are much larger than the current child’s size, which makes the child look messy and unstylish even though the clothes may be very expensive.


and in return, some mothers are worried about the look if they choose a size up, the clothes will look unfashionable so they pick the exact current child’s size, so it is only a few months or a year at the best case and the clothes will be worthless because they become too small.


Always remember that the in-between is the key to comfort in everything, don’t choose the size that matches your child’s weight and height at the moment, nor a size much larger, one or two sizes up in the case of models that don’t look weird if they are worn a size up will be practical, you can follow the following points To get the best out of this tip:


  • Fold the pants or shirt sleeve if it’s a little longer.
  • You can shorten pants or shirts with the help of a tailor and put it back together when your child is older after a while.
  • Buy shorts a size larger, they will look like fashionable pants, and when your child grows, they will fit as a short too.
  • put the shirt inside the pants if the shirt is a little long.
  • If your child’s dress is a little wide, you can use a belt on the waist that will give her a cute look and at the same time hide the size difference.
  • For Undershirts you can choose two sizes up will be perfect.
  • Panties and Boxers do not fit this advice, so the size should be suitable to avoid causing your child skin problems or a feeling of discomfort.

(2) Choose the elastic-waist

When buying children’s Bottom wear such as pants, shorts, and skirts, choose pieces that have an elastic-waist and not buttons or zippers, as the elastic-waist provides a flexibility in size more than other options.

(3) Shop during Sale

The most valuable advice whether in buying your clothes or buying children’s clothes,is to shop in Sale and off-season, as at the end of the year there are many discounts, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Christmas offers, in addition to the offers that are at the end of summer or winter, which allow you to buy clothes of higher quality at a reasonable prices, but first calculate the age of your child in the next season, to buy clothes that are suitable for their age then.

(4) Choose neutral kid’s clothing

, is to choose a neutral model that is not limited to boys or girls, especially in valuable pieces such as jackets or jumpsuits, so that you can exchange them between your children without causing embarrassment to your child or making his appearance strange.

(5) Do not buy cheap children’s clothes

Don’t buy cheap clothes for your kids, yes, this advice may seem strange and out of context, but this advice actually saves you in the long run, buying cheap clothes is tempting, but it is a trap because cheap clothes are usually poor quality and wear out quickly in a few months and maybe Weeks, so invest in high-quality pieces, as they last longer and if you follow this tip with trick number three, you will get the best quality at the best price.


(6) Shop online

The last advice is to shop online when you shop for  kid’s clothing instead of going to stores or shopping malls, in addition to the online shopping advantages that we explained in 5 Reasons for Online Shopping Egypt, online shopping gives you a great opportunity to save, as shopping sites offer Continuous discounts unlike stores, in addition to promo codes that you can apply when purchasing to get an extra discount.


 But you must choose reliable shopping sites that offer good materials at reasonable prices, and USA sites are known by amazing quality kid’s clothing and distinctive designs such as Carter’s, 6PM, Old Navy, The Children’s Place and more. 


You can look at the current offers offered by the sites and choose what suits you, But how can you buy from USA through those sites and ship to Egypt?


How to buy kid’s clothing from USA and ship to Egypt

You can use the Hatolna service, if you decide to shop and ship from USA to Egypt, Hatolna buys all the products you need from USA, and ships them to Egypt, with a guarantee of safe international shipping, it also clears customs and any permits required for clearance, and in the end Hatolna delivers your order to your door.


That’s not all, you can also get an additional discount through Hatolna discount codes to save on international shipping, customs, taxes and other expenses, And of course, you can ship various types of products, whether clothes, makeup, vitamins, electronics from different global shopping sites,You can get 100% on customs and 75% on hatolna fees when using code “flex22” in your order from USA with Hatolna. to learn how to make an order with Hatolna, see the steps on our website. 

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