6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A

6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A

The world of make-up and cosmetics is one of the most famous areas of shopping around the world, women often search for the most famous international Makeup brands, as none of them skimp on buying original cosmetic products that are guaranteed to ensure quality and stability and not harm the natural skin, and one of the most famous American Makeup brands that we review Together, which guarantees everything you are looking for when purchasing Makeup.


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There are many American brands in the world of makeup and beauty products, more than 100 brands, which makes it difficult to choose American makeup sites when you buy what you need, we will save you from asking and thinking, and show you, the most famous American makeup brands.

6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A

L’oreal Paris 

L’Oreal is one of the most famous sites and brands in the world of make-up, it offers us many excellent and distinguished choices, special materials for all skin types, and completely safe, and there are more than 50 brands belonging to the company that sold in the USA, and L’Oreal Paris offers us different types of cosmetic tools such as Skin toning creams, eyeliner products, lipsticks, and others.


You can browse L’Oreal Paris products here.


One of the relatively modern brands in the world of make-up, not with a long history like L’Oreal and others, but it leaves a great impact year after year due to the quality of its products and the multiplicity of solutions it offers for all types and colors of skin, as it provides us from moisturizing creams to lipstick and eyebrow pencil, Excellently packaged and elegant design, it certainly looks very suitable for gift-giving, and its prices are very affordable for most.


Browse Glossier here.

6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A


Morphe started in 2008, and during its 14-year career, it provided us with many different products in make-up tools, from eyeliners, lipsticks, and foundation creams in shades to suit every skin tone, even eye shadows, soft Makeup brushes, and other products, of great quality and modern colors.


Browse it here.

6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A


The well-known brand, one of the most famous American beauty brands around the world, is known to most users from all countries. 

Maybelline is considered one of the good choices with reasonable prices for all groups and offers solutions for all skin types and different degrees, and the company produces more than one cosmetic line such as Fit me and others, its site offers us many educational videos that also contain steps and tricks that you can apply using its cosmetics tools.


You can browse the Maybelline brand here.

6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A


Not many are known about the “Revlon” brand. 

It is a cosmetic line belonging to the “Elizabeth Arden” company, which began in 1910 and has gradually grown over the past years to reach its current position as one of the most famous brands in the field of cosmetics, skincare, and hair, provides us with many distinctive cosmetics As foundation creams that are available in degrees to suit different skin colors, with easy-to-use packaging and reasonable prices, and also provide lip products, eyeliner, and others.


You can browse it here.

6 famous makeup brands from U.S.A

Amazon USA

Who among us does not know the Amazon shopping site? Amazon is one of the most famous American shopping sites, where you can find there everything you can look for or need.

So if you are looking for different types and brands of makeup and cosmetics, Of course, we recommend visiting Amazon right away, you can browse many brands and different American makeup brands through it, with prices displayed and distinct filtering of products to make it easier for you to shop and buy.

You can choose all the beauty tools you want on Amazon here.



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