10 MUST-HAVE Maybelline New York Cosmetics


We all know how important makeup is for women and girls, and choosing the right brands and types that suit the skin is a confusing matter that calls into question among them, Maybelline New York is one of the most popular brands, due to the quality of its products and its presentation of everything that suits different skin colors, in addition to its appropriate prices for all groups.


Essential Maybelline New York makeup from USA

We review the most famous and most important pieces that you should not miss from Maybelline makeup, and it is the most popular among women around the world, and we will explain how to order it from USA easily and in steps and without complications of shipping and customs, to guarantee the excellent quality of the products and the best prices.


Maybelline New York for face

We start with products for the face, as they are one of the basics of any makeup you want, whether for going out during the day or for night events, and Lama Maybelline offers a large collection that we will show you the most famous of them.


Fit Me Face Cream

One of the most popular and famous face creams is the “Fit Me” foundation from Maybelline, where the brand launched its “Fit Me” line for all skin tones to suit different colors and skin types and give you a perfect look, soft and creamy, blending with the skin and giving it a fresh, natural look.

You can choose between color tones here

Super Stay. face cream

Maybelline offers us this line of face foundation creams, that are long-lasting and stay through the day, waterproof and sweat-resistant, lasts up to 30 hours, is available in many shades to suit every skin tone, light and gentle on your skin that you will not feel it at all.

you can choose between its colors here.

Fit Me face powder

Face powder is used after the foundation cream, it is applied after applying the cream for a short period to give it stability and extinguish the excess shine for some, and give greater and deeper coverage of skin imperfections, many of them are also available and you can choose them here.

Lasting Fix powder 

It is suitable for daily use and gives a wonderful and soft natural release during the hours of the day, controls unwanted skin shine, and lasts long, and it is available in many shades that you can browse here.

Maybelline New York eye makeup

One of the advantages of the Maybelline is that it produces everything that can be needed from makeup products for the skin, and there are many products for the eye, we review together with the most famous and most important.



This washable and very light mascara on the eyelashes provides a wonderful and natural coverage, as it makes the eyelashes clear and separated without clumps or many unwelcome layers. You can browse it here.

THE COLOSSAL Waterproof Mascara

This waterproof mascara gives the eyelashes a heavy defined look without clumps, it is waterproof that lasts up to 24 hours, and it is easily removed with the makeup remover you use, you can choose it here.


One of the best types of eyeshadow and the most popular and popular colors are available, the warm nude colors, which are the most prevalent in recent years in the fashion world. 

The box is available in more than 15 colors between stretchy and glossy to suit all your occasions and looks, soft, creamy, and stable in color, you can browse it here.

 LINE EXPRESS eyeliner pencil

Of course, we can not forget the most famous eyeliner and Maybelline eyeliner pens in the world, and you can browse them here.


Maybelline lips products

A very wide range of lips products for you to choose from, between lipsticks, liners, and many more, stable colors that give a natural and attractive look.



A distinctive, wonderful, and elegant design that you must add to your collection, matte and fixed colors, a soft creamy material that is light on the lips, choose its colors here.


It comes in many colors with a lightweight but brightly colored material that gives the lips a defined look to help the lipstick appear better and professional, shop it here.

Shop Maybelline New York USA with Hatlona

After we reviewed together some of the basic and important Maybelline cosmetics pieces that you should add to your group, you may be wondering how to order them from inside Egypt easily without complications, you can buy everything you want from USA, the latest models, and the biggest brands, from your place and in simple steps with your phone.


You can order now and easily in simple steps through Hatolna.com and from anywhere in Egypt, you will receive your orders within 10-15 working days only. 

just enter the product’s link from Amazon _or any other website_ on Hatolna website and complete your order then chill, you can also get a 100% off on vat and 75% off on Hatolna’s fees when using the “flex22” code while making an order by Hatolna.


Hatolna.com is shipping products from the USA directly to you to ensure that you get the original products at the best prices and offers.

if you encounter any difficulty in how to order, you can contact us by any of the social media channels shown on site.


Shopping is easier with Hatolna.


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