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1- What if i ordered something and it was damaged or not the same color and size ?

-Answer : you we  will communicate with the store outside this problem and get your money back and once done you can submit another order or receive it again in your account .

2- how much time it takes to receive the order ?

- Answer :we take 7-10 days from all stores as long as we received the order on the same day or within the first three days from the submission of the order , as well we take the same period from once we received the order 

3- Is there any specific items that i won't be able to order ?

- Answer : yes we can't order some items like e-cig / weapons etc..

4- Is hatolna a registered service ?

-Answer : yes hatolna is a registered service and approved to do this service from the committe of investiment .

5- How to track my order ?

-Answer : you can track your order by sending your order number to crm@hatolna.com and request for details , you will receive a reply within the next 48 hours .

6- How i get my refund ?

-Answer : either via runner , or towards your visa or you visit our company office to take your refund amount .

7- can i reship again to the states what i have ordered ?

- Answer : yes we can do that for you as long as we didn't exceed the return duration published from the supplier side we determine the international shipping

fees  and update you so you proceed and re-ship it again.

8- can you help me if i faced any issue with any seller or site ?

-Answer : yes we give you full support to support you and take the lead with the websites and solve the issues for you .

9- if i order something sealed , does the customs open it ?

- Answer : no it won't happen , only if the box or the item unsealed.

10- Do you guarantee i receive the item in a good shape ?

-Answer : yes we do so it is our responsibility .