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About Us

Hatolna.com Service has been founded since 2011, an authorized merchant from el National bank of

egypt (El bank el Ahli ),  the service  we provide is basically bringing any product from any USA 

websites like  those Hatolna Stores , by using our logistics " Trasportation , Warehouses , Bank accounts 

and International Express shipping accounts"  Customers will be able to bring anything they need without

encountring any risk for package lost or damage or unability for paying the websites for 100% money

refund guarantee for any loss or damage from hatolna.com.

Hatolna.com facilitate everything stating from paying the website no need for credit card or visa you just 

pay us and we will bring it for you at your door step.

Hatolna.com hired the best expertise in this field for every step in this process to guarantee the best

statisfaction resutls from there customers.

What's Differ US ?

Hatolna.com is a expert & proffesional company that knows well how to deal and fulfill there potential 

customers needs .